Hello World!

This website is somehow work in progress, I occasionally publish things related to web development and programming in general here.

Works with HTML & CSS only

I got in contact with GNU/Linux back in 2000 and quickly got addicted. Back then I wrote most of my stuff in C like Ethersex, Taxbird (Gtk2 interface), libgeier and various contributions to GNU Mach. Besides I wrote Kopete SILC plugin in C++ and got in touch with Qt 3.3 and 4. Around that time I also wrote some Perl (contributions to XMLTV project) and tried out Python.

During the last years I shifted more and more towards the web and its specialties. I very much believe in web applications as well as SaaS and like nicely designed REST APIs very much. Hence I learned JavaScript to a level way beyond using it for simple DOM manipulations and web developing in general.

I contributed a lot to the crypto library Forge, which is completely written in JavaScript and runs in any modern browser as well as Node.js. Besides playing with Node.js I also gave SQL and NoSQL database systems like MySQL, CouchDB and MongoDB a try.

I currently make my living off free software, leading development of a SaaS-hosted web application written in PHP 5.3. There I also sharpened my skills in high performance MySQL and high availibility web hosting.

initiated projects

Geierlein is a free Elster client, i.e. an application allowing to send VAT declarations to Germany’s fiscal authorities. It’s the successing project after libgeier and taxbird, which I initiated back in 2004.
hbcicron is a command line application based on aqbanking, that as a cronjob regularly gets transactions of your bank account and mails a diff.
Ethersex is a community driven firmware with network support for 8-bit AVR micro controllers. It has TCP/IP, IPv6, OpenVPN, HTTP server, etc.pp support.
I have stopped contribution to Ethersex due to lack of time, but the project is still pushed forward by the community.
Funkloader is a small bootloader for 8-bit AVR micro controllers, that retrieves data via UDP/IP over RFM12 transmitters.
I used this project for mobile devices running Ethersex firmware.


Forge is a native implementation of TLS in JavaScript and generally a set of tools to write crypto-based web applications. Geierlein is built on top of Forge. This is why I have contributed PKCS#7, PKCS#12, DES3, RC4, unit tests and quite a few bug fixes.
Lukija is a Pocket client for the Nokia N900 cell phone written in QML.
HeySms is a Nokia N900 application written in Python, that forwards SMS communication to a Bonjour account (and back).