Since libgeier and Taxbird both have found a successor in Geierlein and the latter is rather usable already, I had a hard time the last days contemplating whether to drop those old projects or not.

After all especially Taxbird would require a lot of work sooner than later. It’s currently based on Gtk2 and Guile 1.8 which both are quite dated right now. This is porting to newer versions and much testing is due.

Furthermore I’d like to omit the annual stress of building packages for various distros, telling people how to compile the code, etc.pp Geierlein is by far easier to install. It’s written in JavaScript and hence does not require to do compiling. Just unzip the archive provided on the homepage and point Mozilla Firefox to it. The application should just be up and running.

To put it short, libgeier & Taxbird are now dead. I’m not going to update it any further. Besides I’ve removed the old homepage of the project and replaced with a pointer towards the Geierlein project.