After waiting for a really long time (half a year) I finally have an approved + PECL account granted with lead-rights on V8Js :-)

… therefore I finally published V8Js version 0.2.0, succeeding 0.1.5 which was published 1.5 years ago.

Changes include

  • adapt to latest v8 API (v8 versions from 3.24.6 up to latest 4.3 branch supported now)
  • v8 debugging support
  • apply time & memory limits to V8Function calls
  • support mapping of PHP objects implementing ArrayAccess to native arrays
  • new API to set limits: setTimeLimit & setMemoryLimit methods on V8Js object
  • typesafe JavaScript function wrappers
  • improved back-and-forth object passing (rewrapping, correcty isolate unlocking)
  • fix property and method visibility issues
  • fix memory leaks

Download the release from PECL repository.