For some weeks now I had the idea that V8Js must be running on PHP7 the day it is officially published. So when I started out porting soon after they published he first release candidate (aka 7.0.0RC1) I felt some pressure, especially after noticing that it really will be a lot of work to do.

The more glad I am to announce today, that V8Js finally compiles fine and passes the whole test suite from the master branch (apart from tiny modifications that became necessary due to PHP 5.6 to PHP 7 incompatibilities).

Since it works now, I’ve moved the “php7” branch from my personal repository to the official V8Js Github repository meanwhile. Jenkins already is prepared as well, among others it now has a PHP7 V8Js matrix job, that currently checks all release candidates in combination with some V8 versions, regularly, on every commit.