As I’ve recently been poked whether I had used phpspec and I had to negate, today I finally gave it a try (doing the Bowling Kata) …

phpspec has some class and method templating built into it.  If for example a test fails due to a missing function, it asks whether it should create one (that does nothing at all). This is nice but IMHO breaks the workflow a bit as you have to move the cursor to the terminal window and answer the question. You don’t just Shift+F10, see “red” in the panel and then hit Alt+Enter in PhpStorm and choose to create the method (which is my way of working with phpunit).

I like the well readable test code that can be written with it like


… yet that code shows also what I hate about it. Since $this actually is the test-class, having to call the message to test on it feels strange (or even wrong) and also phpstorm has no support for that … so no auto-completion here.

Calling methods of the SUT directly on $this gets even more messy once you add test helper methods like

function it_grants_spare_bonus()
    $this->rollMany(17, 0);

… here only roll is a method of the SUT, rollSpare and rollMany are just helper methods.

After all I’m still torn, I like the readability, but the rest still feels strange and I miss native support in PhpStorm.